About Us


The 'Yubi Organic '  has grown on the principles of health, ecology and care. We believe in working with a large number of accredited farmers who do not use or promote the use of pesticides and genetically modified seeds to grow their products. Our goal is to offer our customers a healthy and chemical-free meal for perfect nutrition.


Yubi Organics works towards the promotion of organic foods in India, thereby making it a mutually beneficial endeavor for the farmers, consumers and the planet at large. The organisation also promotes women empowerment by facilitating jobs for urban and rural people, who find courage and confidence in setting up home-industries in providing for our business.


To be the leading brand of Organic food in India.
To give back to the environment and advance on a path to sustainability.
To make consumers aware of the benefits of organic food by giving them healthy choices of eating.
To create a big movement that would lead people to switch to organic food and take up a healthier lifestyle just like it used to be hundreds of years ago, when pesticides were not introduced and everything we ate was natural and chemical free.